Getting a Grip On Pain

By Eric Spinner, CNC

Many people suffer with pain at some point in their lives, including many with chronic pain, discomfort, and inflammation. I use an integrated healing approach to help manage pain, one that encompasses both conventional methods as well as traditional ones such as Shiatsu therapy, stretching and exercise, dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals & herbal remedies), and Homeopathy.

I have had first hand experience in dealing with severe pain and inflammation, having suffered with debilitating sciatic pain on two different occasions, the last time over a year ago. I had this excrutiating pain in my lower back, and radiating down both legs, so I immediately called my medical doctor for an appointment. He confirmed what I had was sciatic nerve pain and prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication along with strong painkillers.

I had to be able to go to work and earn a living so these drugs were useful in helping to alleviate the pain enough so that I could function. I also sought the help from some other practitioners, I went to my Chiropractor, my massage therapist and an Acupuncturist, and did stretching exercises and gave myself Shiatsu (acupressure). All of these modalities proved helpful in reducing my discomfort, but didn’t entirely eliminate my pain.

I then went and had a MRI taken of my lower lumbar region of my spine, and that is what gave me the information I needed to understand what the cause was. The MRI showed that I had too much bone building up which was narrowing the foramens in the lumbar spine area where the sciatic nerve exited through, causing an impingement. My doctor said I should have a spinal epidural to give me long-term relief, and I said that would be my second to last resort. I began to increase the dosages of my nutritional supplements to more therapeutic amounts.

I began taking MSM 4000mg, Glucosamine sulfate 1500mg, calcium & magnesium 1500/750mg, and Ipriflavone 600mg in two divided daily doses, and within three weeks I was able to completely stop taking the medications I was on! Now over a year later I am still pain free and I only take the nutrients as needed for maintenance. I sill receive therapeutic massage once a month, and try to stretch and exercise regularly. There are even natural alternatives to the Cox 2 super aspirins (Vioxx) available now to reduce inflammation that contain a blend of nutrients like Turmeric, Ginger, White Willow, and Bromelain to name a few. These products can safely be combined along with the NSAIDS, and medications commonly prescribed for pain and discomfort.

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Stay well! – Eric Spinner, C.N.C.

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