Science-Backed Natural Choices for Anxiety

By Eric Spinner, CNC


More than 14 million Americans suffer with anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Anxiety is an emotional state that can range from mild unease to intense fear. It can result from either physical or psychological factors.

An anxiety attack is not as intense as a panic attack. During an anxiety attack, a person usually experiences fear, and may have the feeling of impending danger or that something bad is going to happen to them or someone they love.

The most common symptoms of anxiety are heart palpitations, stabbing pains, and tightness in the chest, sometimes making it difficult to breathe. Muscle tension in the neck and back often leads to headaches, backaches and muscle spasms. Other symptoms can include sweating, dry-mouth, dizziness, digestive disturbances, and the need to urinate frequently.

The inability to relax can also lead to sleep disturbances, like trouble falling asleep and constant waking through the night. According to Melvyn Werbach, M.D., there are at least six nutritional factors that can lead to an anxiety attack: Alcohol, Caffeine, Sugar, a Lack of B-complex vitamins, Calcium & Magnesium deficiency, and Food allergies.

A person who limits or avoids these agents can greatly reduce and even eliminate symptoms of anxiety. It may sound too good to be true, but significant clinical research indicates that in many cases it is all that is needed.

In addition to that, I would also recommend some form of bodywork, like Shiatsu or massage, and deep breathing techniques and Yoga to assist in balancing and harmonizing the body. There are some effective nutritional supplements that have been shown to support the biochemical derangement found with anxiety and panic attacks.I of course start with a high potency Multi Vitamin- Mineral formula along with additional Vit-C, and Calcium & Magnesium.

L-Theanine, a derivative of glutamic acid, is one of the neurotransmitters found in the brain. It is also the primary amino acid component of green tea. L-Theanine has been the subject of several scientific studies. L-Theanine has been shown to directly increase production of alpha brain waves, which produce a state of deep relaxation and mental alertness.

Relora, a combination of two plant extracts, has also been shown to promote feelings of relaxation, and may help reduce weight gain caused by binge eating resulting from anxiety and depression. These are just some of the cutting-edge nutrients available at your local health food store, along with many other fine supplements to ease feelings of stress and anxiety.

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Stay well! – Eric Spinner, C.N.C.


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