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Eric Spinner Shares Optimal Health Practices for the New Year and Beyond…on Far Out Radio…..

by Scott Teeters, Far Out Radio Host






Our guest is Eric Spinner, certified nutritionist, shiatsu practitioner and owner of Health Haven II Health Food store in beautiful Medford, New Jersey.

There’s an old adage that goes, “Without your health, you have nothing.” While it’s oh, so true, and everyone nods in agreement, achieving health and vitality remains an elusive way of being for many. “New Years” always provides us with a time of reflection, a time for establishing new goals which for most, include some health goals.

So, what are your health goals? To lose a few or a lot of pounds? To clear up a nagging condition? More vitality? Or perhaps a general improvement in your state of mind? What we eat, drink, and how we think, play an important part in moving us towards optimal health.

Eric Spinner has been in the health and wellness field for over 20 years and his Health Haven II store is in it’s 20th year! Eric will be with us to discuss proven and simple techniques to improve and enhance your over all health, sense of well being and he will discuss the challenge of weight loss goals.

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